2 drapery rods. Buy window shades


Drapes from ceiling : Bamboo matchstick blinds.

Drapes From Ceiling

drapes from ceiling

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  • (drape) curtain: hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)

3 - Cutting the extra sections for the drapes

3 - Cutting the extra sections for the drapes

From ceiling to floor, we had to make the drapes 112". Darren found the pre-made drapes at IKEA. All we really needed to do was add on more length and sew in a light proof liner to make sure no light gets through for watching movies, and add rings for the rods. Lots of measuring, cutting, ironing, sewing...

Drapes From The Ceiling

Drapes From The Ceiling

My companions were embarrassed no bound when I put the camera on the floor to take a picture of the ceiling. It was well worth being called a weirdo.

drapes from ceiling

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