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pop up sun shades

    sun shades
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And now, for something entirely different: My failures today.

And now, for something entirely different: My failures today.


I thought I would try an entirely different approach with my most recent flickr post. My "failures" from today.

As of earlier this morning, I would find myself in a photographic adventure that would lead me through an interesting journey.

There is nothing more exciting than hitting the old sack at 9pm as you are about to embark on a photographic journey the following morning. Today, I was up at 4:30am to experience a sunrise at the New Haven Long Wharf Park - to my expectation of US Parks, it was "officially" open after sunrise - well after I arrived. So, I did what any good citizen would do. I parked my car and grabbed my camera gear.

Unfortunately, the sunrise was clouded by the industrial New Haven, which was partially expected. There was a mass influx of gulls flying about - as I later found out, a gentleman in his car was feeding the gulls.

I enjoyed the sunrise (or at least, what could be considered a sunrise) before I headed to Derby to try and capture the Sparrows which seemed rather prevalent. I quickly found a Great Blue Heron who continued to taunt me throughout the morning.

First, I situated myself on a bank that faced the water, which was nothing but mud. I waited for the Great Blue Heron (GBH) to fly to the body of water I was watching. Finally, the moment arrived. The GBH flew towards me - this was it I thought! Followed by me slipping down the bank into the water. Fortunately, only soaking one leg - unfortunately, missing the series of shots, completely. This was just the beginning of the GBH taunting me. After landing, the GBH stayed in the shade and slowly walked along the bank of the water - I was thinking, soon enough there will be light! That's when the Belted Kingfisher struck. Splash is what I heard, quickly snapping my head to what would have appeared to be a mallard flapping its wings (not very exciting), was actually nothing. I was a bit perplexed at first, but then it came roaring out of the water (kingfishers completely submerge themselves underwater, rather amazing actually). That's when I began to wait for the Kingfisher to strike again, and it did. But, to my dismay, I completely missed the focus (yes, that is autofocus) as per the picture posted. Frustrating to say the least. But, I thought to myself, I will just turn and get a picture of the GBH to make up for it - he was gone.

That's when I walked to the edge of the island and waited, just by chance the GBH would fly by again - surely he has to be still hungry. After setting my tripod and camera up, I thought I would venture slightly from my camera gear. Of course, the GBH decided a flyby at this point and I couldn't get back to my gear fast enough.

Again, I waited with my finger on the shutter and my eye on the viewfinder. Moseying about, the GBH continued to walk along the shore in the shade and a tad bit out of my reach. That is where the third picture comes in. I thought cleverly that I would pop up my flash and use some fill to catch it while it was in the darkness. This is when the GBH decided it would fly directly across me. Causing the successive four shots to be completely blurred! Again, I was disappointed!

Surely enough, after two failed attempts, a successful series of pictures must be coming soon, right? Well, the GBH stood across only three or four meters from me, I was reserving the buffer of my camera for when the GBH would finally decide to fly. Suddenly, a splash, directly behind me occurs - obviously taking my attention, I begin to turn. Just as I am about to see what caused such a splash, in the corner of my eye, the GBH flies away. I immediately got back to the viewfinder and began snapping away - that is where the middle picture comes in. Slightly too late to get some really nice pictures of the GBH departing.

All in all, it was a fun morning. Unfortunately I can't back it up with photographs, but I thoroughly enjoyed it - reminding me of why I love to go out and shoot, even if sometimes I am overly critical. It all boils down to one thing.



So after doing photography for almost 9 months I have finally got round to taking a sunrise photo. I have done quite a few sunset shoots so I'm surprised it has taken me this long to do a sunrise shoot. Anyway felt strange doing sunrise as I started in the dark and ended in the light, have to say much prefer it the other way round haha.

I was so worried I wouldn't even get out for any photos in the morning and that my effort of getting up at 5am was going to go to waste, this is because as soon as I walked outside to go to my car it was pouring down with rain. Thankfully the rain stopped once I got to my location which was about 15 min drive from my house. Once I got to my location it was light but still about 30mins till sunrise and at first the light was all rubbish and I was worried once again I had wasted my time but once the sun eventually popped its head up (about 10mins after sunrise because I was up in the hills) everything started looking a lot better.

So for this shot then I saw some cows grazing near me and they were gradually coming my way and they were the perfect distance away when the sun came up. So setting the white balance to shade to try and produce a more warm image and trying to create a silhouette with the clouds I managed to come up with the above photo.

So I hope you enjoy and any comments or favs are greatly appreciated :)

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pop up sun shades

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